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The 'Be Healthy' service manages your health checkup reports and provides healthcare guides to improve your health problems.
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How much do you know about your health status?

We get a medical checkup once a year. But do we know the details of your checkup reports?
The 'Be Healthy' service provides your personalized health care goals and its action guides to improve your health.
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Healthcare Services for the Non-patients

It gives you the detail explanation about your checkup reports with the illustrations for your better understandings.
  • PHR Platform Individual health checkups with big data analysis algorithm based on the international standard forecast model
  • 01 Online Questionnaire Online & mobile questionnaire before health checkups
  • 02 Recommendation of the Additional Checkup Item Recommendation of personalized checkup items based on the results of preliminary questionnaire
  • 03 Bio Age & Health Report Health checkup outlook with the details of change, compared with the past health checkup reports
  • 04 Healthcare Services Mobile healthcare services to improve your health problems identified through the health checkup results

Service Process

Health Checkup Guide

We will inform you about the types of health checkups and how it works.
It provides easy access to information on various checkup items, checkup procedures, precautions, and preparations.

Preliminary Questionnaire

After conducting preliminary inquires on items such as gender, age, disease history, family history and lifestyle, we will recommend necessary tests for each individual based on his/her health condition and risk factors.

Personalized Healthcare Solution

'Be Healthy' service comprehensively analyzes the preliminary questionnaire and the checkup results
to identify the individual's health problems, and suggests tailor-made solutions.

It does not simply provide health information but it analyzes checkup reports, identifies health problems,
helps to set health goal and provides the practical guide. Please experience your health improvement.
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