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'Second Doctor' is a cancer post-care service for the fast recovery of cancer survivors.
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'Second Doctor' is a personalized healthcare solution developed by the physicians and clinical professionals for quick recovery of cancer survivors after the surgery.
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The 'Second Doctor' service is designed for your physical, mental and social health.
It was developed to provide a personalized guide to quick recovery for cancer patients, patient health information to caregivers,
and medical care service tools to healthcare professionals.
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'Second Doctor' went through extensive 3-phase clinical research for verification of the effectiveness.
3 international SCI dissertations were published and its related patents were filed.
The service was registered wit the US Food and Drug Administration Class 1 and was approved by the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as well.
  • 4,317 No. of actual users
  • 56 No. of medical and clinical professionals of the development team
  • 5 Period of time for the solution development
  • 2 No. of certifications
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